Monday, February 4, 2013

Tip for Moms and Moms to Be

Today, as I was looking at my son while he practiced cursive writing, I thought, "Wow, where is my baby? Where did the time go? I need to take a picture of him for his calendar." And it struck me that I should share this with you. 
Who has time to write on baby books? I know I don't. So, since the year my son was born, I have had a calendar hanging in his bedroom wall. I buy blank calendars and put pictures of him on it each month. I also write whatever he does that is special on the date he does it. I have written on  calendars the day he first smiled,  rolled over, walked, said his first word, first day of school, kindergarten graduation, some funny things he has said or done, etc. 
So here are two examples for you. One page from last year calendar, and one from last month. Enjoy.
On our family vacation he conquered his fear of height.

 Now that my son is older, sometimes we work together on his calendar. I like that a lot. By the way he was born in September, so his calendars go from September to August instead of January - December.

There. Easy, simple, and it does not require much time at all. The calendar is at hand in his room and I can write on it right there, hanging on the wall.
by Vanias Reed