Friday, February 8, 2013


We all have different preferences, don't we? I like dogs, you might like cats. My husband is from Michigan, therefore he prefers Miracle Whip to Mayo. There are people who enjoy all the hearts and butterflies on cards, and there are those who don't. Some like red, others prefer blue. The list is endless because the Almighty God is so creative and made us all different with different taste. With that said, here is a card that some of you will find too different, and some will love. 

To make this card you will need:
Black, vanilla and dark beige cardstock paper. Notice that I already die cut the dark beige one.
A die-cutting machine and oval cutting + embossing die.
Stamp, brown stamp ink, and dark brown embellishment pearls.
Red bow, yellow pearl, black fine point pen for details. You can use a light beige bow too, it will look very good.
Stamp, brown stamp ink and more pearls for the detail inside.
Now you have a card that can be used for Valentine's Day, an Anniversary, Get Well... Remember the choice is yours. It is your preference.
Vanias Reed