Monday, August 19, 2019

Distress, Mask, and Resist Tutorials + FREE template

Hi everyone,
Are you all making Christmas cards yet? I started in July and will keep going all the way to the end of November. For the card I'm posting today I used dry embossing, masking, distressing, and resist techniques. Here it is.

1. A 5.5"x 8.5" (card base), and a 4.25"x 5.5" (card front) pieces of white cardstock
3. Old-Fashioned Christmas Clear Stamp Set by Sweet N Sassy stamps
5. O Holy Night Clear Stamp Set by Sweet N Sassy stamps
9. Silver cord
10. Silver cardstock for "ornament top" (Template below)
12. Nuvo - Pure Sheen Glitter - Let it Snow 
13. Piece of acetate or transparency
14. Cutting/embossing machine
15. Double sided adhesive 4"x 5.25" piece of craft foam about 1/8in thick
16. Double side adhesive sheets
17. Xyron Creative Lite

STEPS TUTORIAL (pictures below)
1. Emboss and punch card front 
2. Stamp sentiment 
3. Using card front as a template and a pencil, draw a circle on card base where the "ornament" will be 
4. Cut a piece of cardstock to use as a template for snow banks. Sponge distress ink. Click here for video
5. Turn template around and sponge distress ink again. Click here for video
6. Secure 1st template in place, and  1/3" punched circle where the "moon" will be. Stamp first tree.
7. Lightely spray resist ink once where the sky will be
8. Secure template back in place (position in step #5) and sponge distress ink making sure the color is light close around the moon and darker away from it. Remove moon template and stamp second tree.
9. Adhere acetate (or transparency) in the back of whole on card front
10. Using double sided adhesive sheets, pass your craft foam through a Xyron Lite to make the foam sticky on both sides (or use glue on the one side the adhesive foam is not sticky). Punch a @"circle on it at the same spot where whole is on card front.
11. See picture below
12. Pour about 1tsp of glitter on the image on card base. 
13. Peel adhesive from craft foam and adhere it to the back of card front. Then peel the other side of adhesive and adhere card front on card base. 
14. Use template provided to draw top of "ornament" on silver cardstock. Cut the top, and glue it to the top of "ornament". Then, using hot glue, adhere a piece of silver cord between embossed swirl and "ornament." Make a little bow out of silver cord, and glue it to top of "ornament" at the end of piece of silver cord.
15. Embellish with rhinestones

The video shows these techniques (except for the resist) used on another card (picture below), but the techniques are exactly the same as the ones used for the card on post opening. 
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Monday, August 5, 2019

Tealight Candle Card

Hi everyone,
I know it's not July anymore, but I START making CHRISTmas cards in July and continue until December. So... hehehehe. I posted this card on my Facebook page and was asked for the instructions. Since I already had the intention of posting them on the blog... here they are.

1. 5.25"x 11" red cardstock for card base, 5"x 3.75" white cardstock for layers (2), and ; 4.75"x 3.5" dark blue cardstock for card front, silver cardstock, and vellum
2. Spellbinders Nested Circles dies
3. Super Fine White Embossing Powder
4. Ranger Ink - Inkssentials - Heat It Craft Tool 
5. O Holy Night Clear Stamp Set by Sweet N Sassy Stamps
6. Fine point scissors
7. Mini stars punch or die
8. Sizzix - Big Shot or any other cutting/ embossing machine
9. Fine thread or fishing line
10. VersaMark Watermark Ink Stamp Pad
11. Tim Holtz - Stamp Platform
12. LED tealight

1. Score and fold red cardstock at 4"and 8"  - the smaller side will be the bottom of the card
2. Hold white cardstock layer on red card (front), and dark blue cardstock on the white with removable tape. Then, using your embossing/cutting machine and the 2.5"circle die, cut a circle on the left side of card (seen in picture on red cardstock only)
3. Cut 2 circle frames out of the silver cardstock using the 2.5"and the 3" circle dies.
4. Punch, or die cut, little stars from silver paper too.
5. Stamp image on vellum, and cut around it. This circle will be smaller than the hole on cardstock. Then reverse stamp (see Reverse Stamp video tutorial here) on vellum again (not on the back of first stamped image), and circle cut it as well. 
6. Glue pieces of very fine thread or fishing line on the back of one of the vellum circles TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, AND RIGHT SIDE. Then, putting glue only behind stamped image, adhere one circle to the other. Make sure to match images. 
7. Position vellum circle in the hole in RED CARDSTOCK, adhere the ends of the pieces of thread that are not glued to the vellum to red cardstock. 
8. Adhere white cardstock layer on red (front of the card), and dark blue cardstock on white. Make sure to match the circle hole. 
9. Adhere silver circle frame around circle hole both inside and outside of card.

10. Glue the stars on the card, stamp the sentiment with VersaMark Watermark Ink, cover stamped sentiment with Super Fine White Embossing Powder and heat emboss it. I also stamped the star above the manger with VersaMark Watermark Ink, covered it with Silver Embossing Powder, fussy cut it, and glued it on the stamped star on vellum (both sides)
11. Glue white cardstock inside card. Stamp sentiment, and place some stars next to it to hold card standing.
12. Place tealight behind stamped nativity when card is standing. Use your creativity when you're giving this card to someone.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Dome Card and Envelope Box Tutorial

Hi everyone,
Today I'm posting a tutorial for a Dome Card and the envelope to go with it since the card won't fit in a regular envelope.
Supplies Needed for the Card
1. White Cardstock
2. A pattern cardstock or a cardstock with the negative of the foil you used for another card (see picture below of negative used from one of the cards I posted on 6/22/19)
4. Oval and scalloped dies ( I used Avery Elle Sweet Scallops dies)
5. A sentiment stamp - I used Penny Black - Christmas Peace and Love 

Card Tutorial
Cut the white cardstoc 5.5" x 8.5" and fold it in half (card base)
Cut 2 pieces of the pattern cardstock or white. One will be 5" x 5.5" (this is your card front), and the other one 4" x 5.5" (insert) . If you are going to use your foil negative (you will need 2), adhere the Double Sided Adhesive Sheet to the cardstock pieces, make sure there are no air bubles, peel the top, and adhere the foil negative to them. 
Score the 5"x 5.5" cardstock on the 5" side at 1/4" and 4 3/4" (tabs) . Fold tabs on scored lines. Place permanent double sided adhesive tape - 1/4in on both.  
Using the oval die, cut a whole in the middle of both the card front and the insert. Make sure they match. 
Using a pencil and the card front, draw a fine line in the shape of the die cut hole on the front of your card base. Stamp the sentiment within that drawn shape. 
*If you want, cut a piece of transparency or acetate and glue it inside the card front. *
Peel the double sided adhesive tape from tabs. Adhere one on one side of card base, and the other one on the other side (both folded to the inside of card front), making the dome. Now insert the piece of cardstock (4" x 5.5") and glue it so that the stamped sentiment will be in the middle of the die cut hole. Your card is ready!
* You can decorate the die cut hole. I used a scalloped die cut and white glitter cardstock to do so.

Envelope Box
Supplies Needed
1. 12" x 12" Cardstock not too thick. I used 65lb. 

Cut cardstock at 8 1/4" 
On the 12" side score at 2.5", 3.25", 7.75", and 8.5"
On the 8.25" score at 1/2", 1.25", 7", and 7.75". 
Cut tabs like show on video below

After you cut the tabs, the envelope box should look like this

Using the corner punch, round corners of the top of 1/4" tabs and the top and bottom tabs (the really large ones). Then adheres the little tabs inside the lateral ones, and the larger tab on the 1/4" ones. Your envelope box is ready for your dome card. 


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Monday, July 15, 2019

Reusable Stencil Tutorial

Hi Everynone, how's everyone enjoying summer here on the northern hemisphere?
Since I posted the foiling tutorials, I have been asked how I made my own stencil using my Cricut machine, so I decided to post a tutorial for that too. I have been celebrating Christmas in July, therefore, the stencil pictured here is one of snowflakes, but you can make a stencil with almost any image of your choice.
Supplies Needed
1. A Cricut Machine
2. Transparency film (clear presentation cover works too)
3.Removable Pixie Spray for Stencils
4. Permanent adhesive spray

Using your Design Space on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Open a new design and upload or use one of the many images DS has that you would like to create a stencil with. I uploaded one with different snowflakes from the web.
Next click on "shapes" and click on the square, 

Click on "arrange" and send the square shape to the back. Click on the lock (bottom left) to open the default size of the square, then size it a little bigger than your image. Select both, and click in "slice". Separate the three images you created. Delete the two main images and keep just the negative. Watch video for these steps here.
Use the setting "transparency" on your machine to cut. If you choose to use the  stencil vinyl from Cricut instead of a transparency film, use the stencil vinyl setting. Use also more pressure to cut instead of the default. 
I cut two stencils because the transparency film is very thin, and I use the permanent adhesive spray o glue them together.

Now all you need is to spray the Removable Pixie Spray for Stencils to keep your stencil in place when using it. Clean it with alcohol to remove any residue from adhesive.
You can create as many stencils as you choose. To use your stencils to foil, check out my post from 6/22.

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Foiling Tutorial #3

Hi there, how are you doing?
I was asked if it is possible to foil without a foiling machine, a laminator, or an electronic machine. YES, IT IS! Isn't that exciting?
I foiled the card, which tutorial I'm posting today, WITHOUT any of those. Ready? Check this out.
Supplies Used:
1. Deep red (5.5"x 8.5"folded in half), white, and black (4"x 5.25")  cardstock
2. Candy cane paper cut at 3.75"x 5"and adhered to white cardstock of same size
5. 11/4"x 21/16" gift tag (I used my McGill Scallop Multi Tag Punch)
6. Sentiment Stamp (I used a Sweet N Sassy Stamp from the "Born This Day" set)
1/4"Gold Ribbon
7. Adhesive foam (cut at 3.5"x 4.75")

Glue strips of both sizes double sided adhesive tapes on stripes of Candy Cane paper as shown in the card picture. 
The next step you will do one by one of the stripes with the double sided adhesive tapes: Peel the protection layer from tape, place Foil on it, and burnish it on tape. Remove Foil, and the you will have a foiled stripe on the paper. Repeat this for all stripes with  adhesive tape
For the tag, I punched the black cardstock and, just holding the white cardstock (with sentiment already stamped on it) with my tag punch, I drew the tag with a pencil (see picture), but DID NOT PUNCH it. 

Then I fussy cut it with fine point scissors. That way, it was a little smaller than the black tag that I used as a frame. 
Using the 1/8" double sided adhesive tape glue the gold ribbon on candy cane paper to decorate.
Glue the gift tag on paper using double sided adhesive foam, then glue bow.
Adhere black cardstock to red card base 
Adhere 3.5"x 4.75" Adhesive foam on the back of candy cane paper (already glued to white cardstock), then glue it to black cardstock.
Glue  4"x 5.25"white cardstock inside your card. 
That's it! Pretty easy, isn't it? 

I hope you use foiling to make some beautiful things for those special people in your life. 
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Napkin Background Tutorial

Hi there, how's everybody doing?
Have you ever needed a patterned paper that doesn't exist? I have. This card came from one of those situations. I wanted to make a patriotic card for my sister and her family for 4th of July, but didn't find a paper that I liked. At a store, I saw these napkins for only $1.99, and they were exactly what I wanted. So I decided to create my background cardstock with one of those napkins. Here is the card and tutorial. 

Supplies used:
1. Dark red and white cardstock
2. Patriotic napkin
3. Frosted Lace Stickles Gitter Adhesive
4. Sizzix 6"x6" Double Sided Adhesive Sheet
5. Permanent Adhesive Roller
6. Embellishments

Cut red cardstock 5.5"x 8.5". Score it at 4.25" and fold it. (base card)
Cut white cardstock 5.25" x 4", adhere it to card base with Permanent Adhesive
Open napkin and remove white back tissue paper from it (some napkins have 2 plies of white tissue paper added to the napkin itself). 
Remove first layer of the Double Sided Adhesive Sheet and adhere it to white cardstock. Trim excess. 
Turn napkin around (back of the napkin facing you)
Remove the other layer of Double Sided Adhesive Sheet, and carefully place it on napkin. Using a spatula or a credit card carefully smooth the napkin on adhesive sheet, making sure there are no bubbles and the corner are very well glued.
Now you have the background you want, and it's ready to be decorated and glued to your card. I used the Gitter Adhesive to give some shimmer to the stars, a red ribbon and a sticker that I had in my stash.

I hope you decide to try this technique. It's fun, inexpensive, and the possibilities are endless. 

Also remember those who fought for our freedom, and celebrate 4th of July safely. 

Thank you for checking my blog. Please don't forget to leave a comment, and share it to the social media. 

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Foiled Card - Tutorial #2

Hello everyone,
How are you enjoying your summer? A bit too hot for me, but hey, it's CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Woohoo!. I love Christmas. After all, it is the celebration of the Son of God coming to earth to save us from our sins. What a love! What a tremendous love! So, to celebrate Christmas in July I'm doing a series of Christmas cards using foil. Today I'm posting a tutorial for more deco foil using toner sheets, which I fell in love with since I do not have a laser printer. Here is the card,

Supplies I used
1. 5.5"x 4.25" cards in white, beige, and red
2. white cardstock
3. Self adhesive toner sheets
4. Therm O Web - Fancy Foils - 6 x 8 - Radiant Red + Gold Deco foil
5. Elizabeth Crafts Christmas ornament dies - base and cover
8. Merry Christmas die
9. Embellishments
10. Darice Snowflake Scroll Design embossing folder
11. Laminator


Turn on your Laminator and let it warm up. Using the ornament die base, cut that shape from the  Self adhesive toner sheet. **Place the die-cut inside folded parchment paper, cover with a piece of the  Therm O Web - Fancy Foils - 6 x 8 - Red Velvet (a little larger than the die-cut), and run folded parchment paper in the laminator.** You will get that beautiful, shimmery, red ball. Then, cut the  ornament die cover from the Self adhesive toner sheet too. Use the same process **-** to foil it with the gold foil. The process to cover the die-cut sentiment, in this case "Merry Christmas" is the same. Using the Darice Snowflake Scroll Design embossing folder, emboss the white card. Check the card picture for details. Finish your card as it is in the picture, or use your creativity and change 
things up a little. 

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