Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding or Anniversary

How about a handmade card to give to that sweet couple getting married or celebrating their anniversary?

 This card is different in size from the other ones we have made. This a 5"x7"
 The material used was silver, black and white paper.
1. Cut the silver paper 4"x6"
2. Cut the black paper 0.2" smaller than the silver on each side.
3. Cut the white paper 0.2" smaller than the black on each side too.
4. I used Paper Studio embossing folder to emboss the white paper and stamps for the "Congratulations" and bells.
5. I used black (first) and silver ink for the bells.

Here is how I made the corners of the silver, black and white paper pasted on the card.
1" circle punch to cut the corners of the paper

Here is how it looks after cutting the corner out.
8. Paste the paper on the card - first the silver, then the black and finally the embossed white one. Stamp the last one.

9. Add a detail inside (we always do, don't we?)

Great job!!! Now you have a handmade card for that special couple.

  Don't forget to put your signature on the back of the card!

By Vanias Reed.