Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Victorian-Style Easter

The other day, when I got back home from a craft store, my husband took a look at two sheets of the paper I had bought and told me they had Victorian style colors. That gave me the idea to create this card. Let me know what you think about it.

 Like we usually do, here are the pictures showing how to make this card.
First make a white card.

You will need white, light pink, dark pink and flower patterned  cardstock paper.

Self stick pink lace as seen on the left. You can use a darker shade of pink if you prefer.

Adhere the dark pink and the patterned paper to the light pink one. Adhere the ribbon where the two pieces of paper meet.


Add another piece of lace - this time up-side-down - and a green strip of twine in the middle. Add the embellishments and sentiment phrase.

Add the detail inside

A message is a good idea too.

Now you have a kind of Victorian Easter card to give to someone you love.

Vanias Reed