Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Through the Window

Today it rained here in Central Florida. But now the rain is gone, and I hear birds singing. How beautiful God's creation is! And it was His creation that inspired me to make this card.

                    Here are the pictures with the information you'll need.

 Dark purple, white and a lighter shade of purple cardstock paper

An embossed piece of white cardstock paper.
A die-cut window. This one was white and I colored it brown. I also used a flower stamp and colored the background light blue to look like the sky.
After you are done with a sheet of stickers, do not throw away that hard plastic the stickers come on. You can use it for several things, including a window "glass" like the one on this card. 

Add a bird in a cage. I used a silver pearl embellishment to look like the cage is hanging on something.
Add the sentiment

Your card is ready to be given to someone special. 

Vanias Reed