Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Girly Easter

What am I going to wear on Easter Sunday? Have you ever asked that question? Yep. We all have, haven't we? And we have also rushed to a store to buy a new outfit, preferably a new dress that reminds us that it's Spring. How about "dressing" a card for Easter?
This is another card you can use for different occasions.

 You will need a white card, pink paper, and green polka-dots paper. You will also need to  emboss the pink paper.

You can save this pictures in your computer to print them as a pattern for the dress. 

Then use the pattern on the polka-dots paper.
Adhere the self-adhesive lace behind the polka-dots paper before you fold it. Accordion fold the skirt to one side first, then to the other.
Tape the top to the skirt. Add a ribbon and a bow with a pearl.


                                   Add the detail inside


Add embellishments and a 
sentiment phrase at the bottom.

And you have your card "dressed" for Easter Sunday, and ready to go to a special lady. 
Vanias Reed