Friday, August 16, 2013

Napkin Holder

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday. Most people start focusing more on family and friends during that season. So, in order to avoid the "huffs and puffs" of Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I like to start preparations and gift shopping as early as possible, and in order to help you to do the same I started posting ideas for the holidays. My last post was about name cards and name card holders. Today, as I promised, I'm posting the napkin holders. Now remember that my posts are suggestions. It's always best if you create your own style. The more personal, the better. 
Here are my ideas.

You can use just plain napkin holders like these

Or even curtain rings like this ( white ones will do great too).

You can add a ribbon and a fall decoration to the plain napkin holders like shown below. I like this idea because I can reuse the same napin holders for different occasions.

To decorate the napkin holder, I  just passed a ribbon through the holder, tied a bow and added a resin fall leaf using a 3D adhesive dot.

For the curtain ring I crocheted a fall leaf to go with the name card holder. That has to be glued to the ring to stay in place. 

You can make the leaves in different colors to be more festive.

Make the card name and napkin holders for a gift. I'm sure you'll make someone very happy.

Here is the crochet fall leaves pattern
Magic circle
Round 1: Ch 1, 6sc in magic circle, sl st to join, ch1 and turn
Round 2: 2 sc in each st around (a total of 12 sc), ch1 and turn
Round 3: 3 tc, ch2,st st in the top of 3rd tc, 2 tc, ch1, st st in next sc. Repeat this 2 more times. 1sc in next st, *2hdc in next st. 
* On top of second hdc
ch 5, turn, 1sl st in each ch, 1 hdc in next st, 1sc in last st. sl st to join. Fasten off and weave ends.

If you want to crochet the napkin ring, then leave a long tail at the end of leaf to sew it to the ring.
Thank you for stopping by. Blessings unto you and yours.
Vanias Reed