Monday, March 4, 2013

Lamb of God

Needless to say that I love my son. He brings so much joy to the life of those who know him. So I decided to make an Easter card for him, and post it here. Make one (or more) for your child (or children) too. :)

Paper: light green, blue, dark green, white and black cardstock
Accessories: Clouds embossing folder (Darice), medium circle scalloped punch, small oval scalloped punch, small oval punch, 1/8 and 1/16 circle punches for the eyes, white and dark green coloring pencil, precision scissors, sticker for detail.
Extras: Computer and printer

Detail inside
Do the egg hunt using plastic eggs with one-sentence-message telling your children how much God loves them. At the end of the "hunting" have a basket for the kids with a couple of toys, a card and a golden egg with a verse about heaven. If you do candies, put a couple in the basket too. Wrap the basket with cellophane and all the trims to make the kids know how special they are. Be creative and very personal. After all no one knows your family more than you do. Then have one extra basket with empty plastic eggs (one for each child). Each one of them will secretly write their own message to Jesus thanking Him for dying on the cross and for something else they want to thank HIM. Let them place their messages in the eggs and place the eggs in the basket. They can help you wrap it too.  At the end of the day or after your Easter meal, get that basket, open it, and each child will read out loud the message they wrote to Jesus. That will be a wonderful family time and opportunity for the older children "teach" the younger ones about God's love for them.
Happy Easter 
Vanias Reed