Monday, February 11, 2013

Gift Box

Whether we obey the three-day rule or not, we all know that sending a thank you note to someone who gave us a gift is the right thing to do. But why stop there? Sure we can make a cute card, but why not do something different? Why not thank someone for a gift with another gift? Nothing major, but something that will say, " I really appreciate your thoughtfulness". Like a few cookies, or a couple of candy bars. Stretch that idea a little bit and make the box for the gift too. 
With that in mind, I decided to post the directions to make a gift box. I made a small one as an example, but you can make it in any size. Let's do it? 

 The material and the instructions you will need are in the pictures below.

A square piece of paper with the pattern of your choice
Turn the paper with white side up and draw a line from one corner to the other on both sides
Fold the corners toward the center
Make sure the four corners are folded as shown
Fold one side like this
Then the other side. Press firmly to mark the paper.
Open the folded sides, turn your square and fold the other two sides

 Cut the paper just where shown with precision scissors.
Repeat the procedure, and do it on the opposite side too.
When open, it will look like this on both sides.
Glue the corners of the sides that were not cut on the inside bottom of your box
Fold the cut sides as shown.
Glue the open sides over the ones folded like this.
This is how the bottom of your box should look like.
Cut another square piece of paper of the same pattern 0.2-inch bigger than the first one and repeat the entire process.
Now you have a lid for your box.
I didn't close the lid all the way to show how they fit perfectly.
Now it is closed all the way and decorated. The tag is handmade too of course.

Now I can put a few kisses and a little note in this one, and give it to my husband after Valentine's Day, or my birthday.
How about you? What are you going to use your box for? Let me know.
Vanias Reed