Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today is my birthday and my husband and our son made sure to make it very special. God decided to really bless me when He put those two in my life, first my husband and then our son. I am SO thankful. Inspired by them, I decided to make a birthday card. 
 The pictures that follow will show the material and directions you need to make this card.
Light blue cardstock to make card
White cardstock  1/2-inch shorter than the blue paper
Red cardstock with white polka dots 0.1-inch shorter than the white one.
A strip 1.5-inch wide from the light blue paper, and a white lace.
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A 2"x 3" piece of the light blue cardstock with a white border on the right side.
A 1 1/2 x 2 1/2-inch piece of the white cardstock
Stamp on the white piece of paper and decorated it. Leave some room above the stamp for a number.
Adhere everything as shown
Paste everything to the card. Add a strip of white paper for sentiment and a red button with red thread in the middle to look like it has been sown to the card.
Detail inside
 If you want to use this card for some other occasion, it is ok. Go ahead. What matters to me is that you have a good time making it. 
Vanias Reed