Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

The other day, when my husband asked me if I were not going to make a card with a couple's silhouette, I just smiled because I already had that in mind. It's his favorite card style. So here is the Valentine's Day card I made for my husband. I hope you like it. He sure did.

For this card you will need 2 die-cuts: one of the silhouette of a couple, and one of a park pole with lamp as shown below.

You will also need a white cardstock paper to make the card, and a medium dark blue piece of cardstock 1/2-inch smaller than the white paper.

Use tree stamps and black ink for the trees. Just press the stamp on the ink pad once for the first tree; you want the other two or three to have the "fading" look to give the card a dimension.
Look how the tree in the middle looks behind the other trees.
Use a white pen to make stars on the blue paper, then spray adhesive to it. Notice that I have a white sheet of paper under the blue cardstock. That is NOT the card. I was protecting my desk from the adhesive.
Now you can adhere the pole and the couple die-cuts to the blue cardstock

The blue paper will be very sticky because of the spray adhesive, which is good because you are going to sprinkle it with fine glitter.
Remove the excess glitter by tapping gently on the back of the paper. Let it dry and paste the paper on the card.
Draw grass at the bottom of the blue paper with a black fine point pen.
I chose pine trees and drew snow on the branches with the white pen because it is winter, but you don't have to do that if you choose to romance your loved one at some other time of the year. That's right, make this card and give to the love of your life with a candy bar or something else JUST BECAUSE and keep romancing your marriage!
Vanias Reed