Monday, January 14, 2013

New Beginnings

Hi, my name is Vanias. I am originally from Brazil, but have lived in America for a little over ten years now because I'm married to a wonderful American man from Michigan. Beautiful Michigan. I love this country, its people and culture. There are so many interesting cultural differences between the USA and my country, but there are also many things that are exactly the same. For instance, making a new year's resolution. Americans and Brazilians do that, but why? What is it about the beginning of the year that makes us all enjoy it? I think that it is the idea of starting fresh, the idea of a new beginning, a second chance for many. That thought that keeps coming back, " This year things will be different. I'm going to (blank) more, or I'm going to (blank) less, etc. Did you make a new year's resolution? I didn't, I never do. And yet I too have the need to do something different. That's how the idea of sharing my thoughts and creations was born. Creating a blog is definitely something new for me. It is very exciting and scary, like any new beginning. So here I am writing my first post to my brand new blog. Soon I will be sharing some ideas on how to make things out of paper and how to wrap gifts in different and creative ways. But for now, just this short introduction. Hopefully it is the start of something that both you and I will enjoy a lot.