Saturday, January 19, 2013


How about making a card using tissue paper?  

1. Use a white or black cardstock - 12"x 8" - folded.
2. Cut a piece of white tissue paper 0.2" shorter on each side and fold it too. You want to use double paper because tissue paper is so thin, and be very careful as you cut it because it is very slippery as well.
3. Notice the lines on the paper. You are going to accordion fold it in the middle on both sides, two times. The center will be about 1/2in wide, and the folded sides about 0.2in.
4. Use a thin ribbon for the bow tie. I used blue, you can use black or red if you prefer.

 5. Punch four circles from a black cardstock paper for the buttons.

 6. Cut a piece of white cardstock paper 1/2 inch wide and about 3 inches long.

Punch the edges with a 1" square punch

To have the edges like this

 7.  Stamp the sentiment on the white strip of paper

8. Cut a piece of black cardstock - 5"8' long and 3"5" wide. Paste the strip of white paper on it.
9. Now carefully paste the tissue paper on the card, the buttons, the collar (two triangles about 1in long and a bit more than half an inch wide on the top)  and the bow tie on the tissue paper. Paste the black piece of black cardstock paper at the bottom of the tissue paper.
10. Don't forget the detail inside. I used a couple of stickers.

11. Voila! Your card is ready.

Now all you have to do is write a beautiful message to that special man in your life. 
Vanias Reed