Friday, January 18, 2013

Cute and easy project

 Our first project is a card that can be made by anyone because you won't need an embossing/cutting machine.

 You will  basically need the tools and material in the picture.
 1. Always sketch your project first. It will give you an idea of proportions, what tools you will need, etc.
2. Cut white cardstock paper in a 8" by 12" rectangle and fold in the middle.
3. Cut a piece of dark color cardstock paper  5"x 3 3/4 "- here I used a dark pink 
4. Cut a rectangle from a  light color cardstock paper 2.5"x 3 3/4 " - I used light pink and scissors that cut in waves.
4. Cut another rectangle from the dark color cardstock paper - 2"x 3 3/4"
5. Use a 4.5" ribbon - I used a very light, transparent pink one. * Pay ATTENTION to instructions #8 before you glue the big rectangle on the white cardstock paper.
6. Add the flower and the white circle (see how to make the flower at the bottom of these instructions)
 7. Add sentiment or a sticker on the flower.

8. Fold and paste the top of the ribbon behind the bigger dark color cardstock paper before you paste it on the white card.  Now paste everything else in the sequence above.
9. Add sentiment at the bottom of card,  if your choice was the sticker.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just made your first card!!!!
Don't forget to add a detail inside.

The flower
1. Cut a piece of paper in a 3"x3" square
2. Fold the square in half and then in half again.

3. Fold it in a triangle
4. Measure 1" from the end to the top and draw a semi-circle
5. Cut on the semi-circle line

6. Open the flower 
Now you have a pattern to trace on cardstock paper and cut using fine point scissors.

I hope you enjoyed our first project. 

Vanias Reed :)