Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gift Wrapping

A gift should be something we choose thinking on how the other person will react. We should always invest time, not necessarily money, to find or make that one present that will make them smile. Then we should invest more time on wrapping the gift to let them know how special they are. 

Here is today's example

and a sequence of pictures showing the directions:

Secure the paper in place with a piece of tape.
Turn the box around

Accordion fold the paper several times

It should look something like this inside

A piece of tape will  hold the folding in place

Turn the box upside down to fold the paper on the sides

The sides after glued.

This gift is from our son to my husband, so he picked the sticker he wanted to put on the tag.

Photo Corners as Gift Tag holders 


Decorate  your gift with a ribbon or two - as shown in the picture, a gold over blue- and a special detail.

 I know my husband will like this one a lot. 

Vanias Reed