Monday, January 28, 2013

A Manly Valentine

What would a man think if, instead of a card full of pink butterflies and shiny hearts, we made a card like this one for him?

Let's make it?
Here are the directions for a 4in x 6in card (10cm x 15cm. 
Have fun.
 You will need
   1. Red cardstock paper

 2. Paper that looks like wood.
 3. Punchers
Corner punch

Small circle punch

Medium size heart

Small size heart

4. Eyelets, eyelet setter and a small hammer.

5. Twine
 Now all you have to do is measure and cut your cardstock paper, your wood- like paper and the twine. Then punch the hearts, paste them on each other and punch a hole in them for the eyelet.  Look at the next picture for more directions.

The twine should be glued in the back of the wood-like paper before you paste the paper on the red cardstock.

6. Print the sentence "wood you be my valentine?" using a font that resembles wood ( I used one called Pinewood that I downloaded for free). Cut the sentence in two strips. Cut the edges of the strips as shown in the pictures, and paste them on the top and the bottom of the card. Use the embelishment of your choice.

Is it a manly card or what? Let me know what you think about this project. Thanks.

Vanias Reed