Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Business Card Holder - Free Tutorial

The other day I as talking to a young lady about crochet and card making. She showed a great interest in my crochet class, so I looked for my business cards in my purse. To my disappointment and embarassment, I couldn't find my card holder. I had those cute cards made so I wouldn't have to write my phone number, or any other information on a piece of paper. And here I was grabbing a little notebook to write down the information the lady needed. Thank God I have learned from my oldest sister to laugh at my mistakes and misfortunes. But, when I got back home, I headed to my closet where I found my card holder in another purse. So I decided to make one card holder  for each of the bags I use the most. Here is the result of my creating process to avoid any more embarrassments. 

You will need:
Paper size 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Score 1st line at 2"- like shown in picture- turn the paper around
Score at 3 3/8" - like in picture - turn the paper aroung again
Score at 2" again, turn paper, and score at 3 3/8" again
Slide the paper to the right and score at 3"

(I used a different scorer this time because if you don't have one like mine, it's ok, you can use a different one, or even a paper cutter and the point of a mechanical pencil)

Turn the paper and score at 2 1/2"
Turn the paper and score at 3"
Turn the paper and score at 2 1/2"
Here is what your scored paper should look like

 Now with a fine point pair of scissors you will cut off the corners like this

Round the points for a better finished product. If you don't have a scorer with a side to round edges, an edge punch will do just fine.

Fold the box on each crease you created with the right side of the paper in, then make two pencil marks on each side of the bottom part like in the picture below. That's were you will cut off the point.
Fold the box with right side out. This is how your box should look like

Using a medium size punch, punch the part which point you just cut off. 
Using adhesive, glue the bottom and sides, and your box should look like the picture on the left. With craft knife cut top and bottom of a strip. 

That's where you will close the box. See picture below

Now you can decorate your little box/business card holder, and carry your cards everywhere. I glued Paper Creations, ETC logo on the strip of one box, and used a little ribbon to tie a bow on the other box.
Note: Adhere the ribbon on the back of the box, so you will have it free on the front to tie the bow, but the ribbon won't keeping falling off.

 Thank you for stopping by, and may God bless you abundantly.
VanĂ­as Reed