Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine Project for Kids

Even though people turnedValentine's Day into a romantic holiday, it is not. It's a day to celebrate those who are important to us; a day to remind them of the special place they have in our hearts. So here is a card you can make with your children to give to Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, a friend... The card is simple because it is supposed to be made by your children. This time you will be just the helper. (wink)

Supplies needed for this card
Paper: Large white doily (you can make your own with a decorative round punch), red, and white cardstock paper, peach (my son calls it 'skin color'), and pink craft paper (you can use only cardstock if you prefer)
Tools: Small heart punch, 1/16 circle punch, red twine
Embellishments: Hand doing 'I love you' in sign language (trace your child's hand on the paper, cut it, and glue the two middle fingers down, as shown in the picture above), small heart, bow on the 'corner' of doily heart.

Fold the white and the red cardstock in the middle (separate), trace half a heart, and let your child cut it (the white heart will be bigger). If your kid is too small to handle a pair of scissors, than use your cutting machine, punch, or scissors yourself. The doily is a little more delicate to let a child handle, so just cut it before starting the project with your child.

Glue everything and, if let your children write a message on the back.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Valentine's Day, and God bless you. VanĂ­as Reed