Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Somebody once told me that faith is for those who are not very bright. That statement got me thinking. If faith is not a smart thing, why is it that one believes that there is no God? You need a lot of faith to believe in the big bang THEORY, or any other way that brought the human race to existence. Actually you need more faith to believe that a theory is true than to believe the FACT that God not only exists, but He loves us beyond measure. He is a loving, caring, fair and powerful God. The truth is He does not depend on ones belief to exist. He exists. Period. So, I gave my life to this amazing God when I was 13, and I am sure, as I am here writing this post, that one day I will be in His presence. WE ALL will. Some for the final judgement, and some to enjoy eternity with our Heavenly Father.  So I'm living my life, I'm happy, and I have Him to keep me going when things get difficult. If I am wrong, I have nothing to loose. But, WHAT IF I AM RIGHT? 
I firmly believe that faith is not blind. Faith is wise. That's why the wise men went to see Jesus for themselves, they wanted to place their faith in Him. Be wise and seek Him today too. Find Him, and give your life to Him. I promise you that you will never regret your decision. Here is my Christmas card for you today.

Paper: White card, dark blue, white and gold paper
Tools: Computer and printer, blue glitter gel pen
Embellishments: Dark blue with gold leaves ribbon, wise men sticker

This is such an easy to make card, and it will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas cards for family and friends. 

Thank you for stopping by. May the God Almighty, worthy of our faith, bless you abundantly.
Vanias Reed