Sunday, October 6, 2013

CHRISTmas Baby

What an exciting time Christmas is! People seem to laugh more and do more for one another. But most of all, it is the celebration of God's Son birth. It is a time to remember that God humbled Himself to a human form because of His love for us. God created us to be with Him, but our sins (everything that we do that is wrong) separated us from Him. So, He then, sent His perfect Son to do what we can't because of our imperfection, to be the bridge that brings us back to the Creator. There is absolutely nothing we can do to deserve that. It is pure love, mercy (we don't get what we deserve) and grace (we get what we don't deserve). All we need is to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and THE ONLY WAY to be in a relationship with God. Then we ask God to forgive us from our sins and give our lives to Him. Pretty easy huh? On judgement day - and that day WILL COME for everyone - Jesus will the our 'lawyer' standing before God. When God looks at us, instead of seen our sins, He will see the sacrifice His Son did, and the word FORGIVEN "written" all over us. Is that awesome or what? The baby born in Bethlehem grew up, went to the cross, paid for our wrong doings, defeated death and is alive to defend us. The card I'm posting today is all about that baby, the baby that was like no other, the baby who was GOD WITH US!

Supplies used
Paper: Red and white cardstock
Tools: Embossing/ cutting machine, snowflakes embossing folder, scalloped and circle puncher, computer and printer, black and red markers
Stamps: It's a boy, baby feet, Merry Christmas, hands and the Bible verse from the book of Isaiah 
Embellishments: Red ribbon, red gemstones

Celebrate Christmas!!! If you have a personal relationship with God, celebrate even more. If you don't yet, how about starting today? If you need more information on that, send me an email to and I will gladly respond.

Thank you for checking out my blog. May God's abundant blessings shower on you.
Vanias Reed