Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fathers Day 2- A family Man

I was blessed with a father who was a family man. My Dad enjoyed staying home with his family. I remember him playing with  my youngest sister and me  when we were children.  I also remember laughing, laughing a lot for several little funny things that he did or said. I am so thankful for everything I learned from my Dad. I'm from the time when parents didn't have to be afraid of disciplining their children. So I thank God for every single 'spanking' because they taught me that my Father loved me enough to correct me when I did something wrong, and to teach me what was right. My Dad also cooked. He would prepare from simple homemade meals to the weirdest smoothies ever, which my sister and I would drink early in the morning before going to school. My Dad was a man of God, a police officer, and definitely a family man. It was inspired my him that I made the card I'm posting today.

 Card 'Recipe'
Paper: Maroon, dark beige, white and black card stock, green paper and white quilling strips.
Tools: Embossing/cutting machine (Sizzix Bigkick), oval cutting die, 1" and 1/4"  circle punch, quilling tool, light blue colored pencil, precision scissors and craft glue.
Embellishment: 'Family Man' sticker, letters, silver pearl

I really hope you make a special card for your Dad and/or for your husband, if you have kids. You don't need to spend a ton of money to tell the people you love how special they are. Most of all, spend time with them. Memories are not made by what we have, but by those moments we spend with the special people God put in our lives.
Thank you so much for stopping by. God bless you.
Vanias Reed