Monday, April 1, 2013

Gift Bag 2

We made a gift back a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to change it a little. Here is the other bag.
 As you can see, this bag has a handle on the top, the top flap is bigger and it closes.
You will fold the top wider than the bag #1, punch the small holes, and settle the eyelets there. 
  Use a ribbon to make the handle. Pass both ends through the holes and glue them to the paper. Score and crease top of bag at 1" and paste over the ends of handle.
Cut a 3"x 5" piece of the same paper or a matching one, crease at 1/4" and glue it to the top of the bag to make the top flap. Decorate it as you please.

Glue pieces of velcro on both top flap and bag to close it.

And here is your final product
The side and the bottom of the bag will look the same as bag #1
Let me know if you need anymore information on how to make the gift bags.

Happy crafting!
Vanias Reed