Friday, March 22, 2013

Gift Bag

A couple of months ago we learned how to make a box. Today we are going to make a gift bag. 

Handle and bow made with the same ribbon
 Gift Bag Tutorial
Take a 12” x 12” sheet of paper and cut to 9” x 12”
Score at 5” and 7”
Turn the paper and score the bottom at 2”
Crease the lines to fold, and cut on the other lines as shown on template
Cut the 3” x 12” strip to 3” x 9”. Score at ½” and 2 ½”
Turn the paper and score the bottom at 2”
Trim away the outer ½” pieces
Use runner adhesive to adhere the side panel (3”x 9” strip) to the main piece, one side at a time.
Fold the flaps at the base and paste them. Score top flap at ¼” and 1 and fold over the bag
Punch holes through the top of the bag, including the  flap.
Put eyelets to make the handle support stronger and for a better finishing.
Decorate your bag as you please.
Gift bag attempt to template

side strip        

Adhesive on side strip
The side will look like this

Top flap


Handles, lace and a pin to decorate.
Now you know how to make a box and a bag. To make a bigger bag just use a bigger piece of paper and change the measurement proportionally.
Happy gift giving!
Vanias Reed