Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lego Birthday Party

Our son loves Legos, so I decided to make a Lego themed party for his 7th birthday. It was fun making everything at home. So here are some ideas and where you can find free printables and everything else.

Wrap juice boxes with red, green, yellow and blue - Lego colors - paper. Using 3D glue dots, paste the 1 1/2 inch circles on them. They will look like Lego blocks.  To download the official Lego font click here
For the straws toppers click here
Wrap a box with strips of red, green, yellow and blue paper to hold the straws.
Save this picture in your computer to print the cupcake toppers. Use a 2" puncher to cut them.

I used a silicone mold to make the Lego man with colored chocolate. You can find the mold on Ebay, Amazon or Lego stores

For the banner I used the Lego font size 500, made a yellow line around each letter, and glued them to red cardstock.

To print the water/ soda labels click here

For the party favors I bought small gift bags, punched 1 1/2" circles from paper with the same color as the bags and glued them on the bags using 3D glue dots. I also made tags for the bags with the guests names on them using the Lego font. You can find some cool things to use as party favors at Lego.com

To download and print the pages for the coloring book click here

If your party has to be indoors, create games like this one. Draw a hopscotch on a long piece of white paper. Draw some lego men on it too.
 You can find more ideas for games by clicking here
Go to my pinterest page, and to the party planning pin. There you will find more links to other blogs and website full of great ideas for an awesome Lego Party.
Vanias Reed