Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lego Birthday Card

After looking at the pictures of the Lego themed party, I had an idea for a Birthday card. So I decided to make it and post here for you. I hope you'll make it some day. 

Here are the directions and list of material you will need
White card
Emboss a green piece of paper with Paper Studios  polka-dots embossing folder to make the paper look like a Lego board.
Glue the ends of red and white twine to the back of the green paper. Then using three small pieces tie a knot like shown.
Glue a "Lego man" sticker on the knot( I cut this one out of a Lego box and pasted a gift sticker on it.). Add a sentiment phrase. I used the Lego font . To download it for free click here .   Adhere everything to the card.
The detail inside is a cute Lego man sticker.

What child doesn't like Lego? So even if you are not planning to have a Lego themed party, you can still make this card for a boy, or change the Lego men stickers for one from Lego friends and make it for a girl. I promise it will  be a success.
 Vanias Reed