Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Candy Style Gift Box - Free Printable Template

Valentine's Day became a big holiday for couples. But I've been blessed with a husband that doesn't wait for Valentine's Day to give me a little something. Once in a while he likes to give me a treat like my favorite candy bar or a rose 'just because...' So, even if you already have a gift and/ or a card for your Valentine, keep this box in mind for any other occasions or 'NOT occasions'. The possibilities are endless. Just change the cover. 
Supplies used
Paper: white cardboard, white with red polka-dots scrapbook paper
Tools: template, 1/4" circle punch, spray adhesive
Embellishments: red bows + optional embellishments shown in pictures below
Template (12"x 12" paper)
Right click on picture to save to your computer and/or print.
After cutting white cardbord, spray it with spray adhesive and glue it to a 12" x 12" scrapbook paper. Let it dray well before cutting and folding.
Some embellishments options

 Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Thanksgiving.
Vanias Reed