Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Magnet Thanksgiving Tree

For those who live in places with cold weather fall is probably just a reminder that winter is coming. But for us who live in a very warm climate and in a place where the trees don't change color, fall is a precious time. The weather starts to cool down, the humidity goes away and we can enjoy the outdoors. So, it's anticipating the autumn that I started doing some projects related to this beautiful season. One of them is the one I'm posting today, which  I call the Thanksgiving Tree. I made this tree for my seven-year-old son. Each day he will write on a leaf something he is thankful for and "hang" the leaf on the tree. I did one as an example for him. We'll start doing it in the beginning of November and go all the way to Thanksgiving, so on Thanksgiving Day the tree will have all the leaves (28 this year).

The tree, the leaves and the sign above the tree are magnets.
Supplies needed

Tree template (you'll find the one I made below)
Paper: Rusty, green and mustard (the Paper Studio)
Tools: Computer and printer, fine marker, magnetic tacky tape
Embellishments: 'fall' leaves - I used foam leaves at the beginning, but it's not easy for a child to write on them, so I used them as a pattern and cut my leaves out of card stock paper.
I made the sign 'Give Thanks' using Word and printed it. The magnetic tape I bought is about 1/2" wide, so I had to cut it in small pieces. 
This is the foam sticker leaf  (Fall Crafts) I wrote on.

All the leaves will be at the bottom of the tree in the beginning.
We are using this on our refrigerator door.
Here is the template for the tree. Just right click on it, save to your computer and print it the size you'd like. I suggest 8"x10" at least.

 Please let me know in a comment if you'd like to have a template for the leaves too.
Thank you for stopping by, and may God give us a thankful heart.
Vanias Reed