Friday, July 5, 2013


We have seen several cards and a few gift wrapping ideas. Today I want to start posting some ideas to help you organize your spaces saving money. Remember that I am all about recycling. Today's idea is a pencil container for your child's desk. If you don't home school, it is ok too, you can make one for  your own desk.

Empty container + craft glue + thick yarn = new pencil holder.
I used a large container because we keep crayons, scissors, ruler and erasers in it too. But if you want to make one just for pens and pencils, a thin container will work too. Use one that you have at home. Wash it well, and cover with thick yarn or twine.
I made this one for my son. 3rd grade here we come!!!!

Thank you for stopping by. Have a very blessed day!
Vanias Reed